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Since 2001, as a leading china manufacture of automotive fasteners,
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Automotive Fasterners Products & Services

We excel in manufacturing high precision, high production custom CNC screw machined parts and products to meet ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. Our machine shop services include CNC turning, CNC milling, automatic bar machining, multi-spindle machining, and more. We machine a wide assortment of materials serving a variety of industries.
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Sunhy Delivers Customer Confidence

Sunhy Screw Machine Products & Services is committed to inspiring complete customer confidence in our ability to supply precision screw machined components to a wide variety of industries, straight from our plant in Wenzhou city, China.

Sunhy Delivers Customer Confidence

Sunhy Manufacturing prides itself with a long standing history of quality components delivered to its valued customers manufactured by exceptional employees. Today, we are offering an exclusive Screw Machine Products & Services, behind-the-scenes look at our facility and operations. Now, you have the opportunity to explore the process of your custom part being made, from ordering high-grade raw material to your on-time shipment.

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