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Taking advanced materials to new heights

Our aircraft machining services and machined parts at Sunhy respond to the aviation market’s constant demand for high tech materials and precision designs while maintaining a time-honored standard for delivery speed and reliable quality. Sunhy recognizes that aircraft machining requires strict specifications, strong and durable materials, and also lot & batch traceability.

CNC Machining Aircraft Parts

Our expert CNC machining techniques for aircraft parts vanquish cutting problems that are presented by modern aircraft grades. Furthermore, Sunhy’s CNC machining aircraft parts can meet any standards through our ISO 9001 certified systems. Our mastery of high-performance aircraft materials such as titanium, stainless, exotic alloys and high-temperature plastics makes us the surefire choice for custom aircraft components. Sunhy understands that the preferred material for the aircraft industry is high-temperature plastics because it’s economical, durable, light-weight, corrosion resistant, and it’s easy to assemble. For these reasons and more, our aircraft machined parts are machined with the upmost quality and care.

Aircraft Machining Capabilities

We specialize in machining a series of aircraft parts, including aircraft windows, tray tables, canopies, bearings and seals & more! To this expertise, we add a full complement of machining capabilities for your aircraft parts:
Our ISO 9001:2015 quality systems and extensive knowledge of DFARS materials source requirements makes Sunhy fully compatible with aircraft industry expectations.
Complete reliability in every component of the aircraft inspires confidence in the cockpit, the ground crew, and in your purchasing office. Sunhy has been delivering aircraft machined parts consistently high standard of performance.

Aircraft Machining Materials

Aircraft Machining Materials