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Equipped and experienced to offer more machining & material options

Sunhy customers have the freedom to specify components in hundreds of different metals and alloys, while enjoying a single high standard of confidence in Sunhy’s ability to deliver as promised.
Upholding this standard requires an exceptional commitment to manufacturing resources. The wide variety of machining technology options in the Sunhy machine library is supported by an in-house tooling capability that adapts tools to the unique characteristics of each material. Behind it all is a staff of engineers and machining experts with a 50+ year track record of adapting to both new alloys and tried-and-true materials.

Alloy Machining

Aluminum Machining

Brass Machining

Copper Machining

Plastic Machining

Stainless Steel Machining

High Temperature & Special Alloy Machining

Steel Machining

Titanium Machining