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Qualified for Quality

When innovative industries choose to pioneer in the use of new alloys, they call Sunhy for a very traditional outcome: a consistently reliable supply of top quality components and screw machine parts.

Sunhy has a reputation for successfully machining the metals other producers prefer not to handle. Customers can confidently design with new materials, secure in the knowledge that Sunhy can machine even the most exotic, high-temperature alloys for a quality, cost effective result.

Experienced Machining Staff

We’ve built a staff of machining and engineering experts who recognize the manufacturing challenges in a new material before they become costly production delays. A complete in-house tooling capability creates customized tools precisely for the properties of the metal being machined.

You are invited to tap into this valuable manufacturability resource at no obligation. Contact us with details on your metal alloy machining application for our expert assistance.

Steel Alloy Machining Characteristics

Steel Alloy 4140 or 4142
Steel alloys 4140 & 4142 are commonly machined for higher stress applications that need the strength of an alloy. Direct hardening only.
Steel Alloy 41L40
Steel alloy 41L40 is designed for better machining with lead additive. Direct hardening only. Alloy 41L40 is typically machined into components for higher stress applications.
Steel Alloy 8620
Steel alloy 8620 is comprised of .55% Ni, .50% Cr, .20% Mo. Case hardening and heat treatable. Alloy 8620 is machined into parts for higher stress applications which require the strength of an alloy.
Steel Alloy 52100
Steel alloy 52100 is comprised of very high 1% carbon, .25% Ni, 1.4% Cr, .08% Mo. It is commonly machined for bearing applications.

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Common Material Cost Comparison

Type General Characteristics Alloy Common Applications Tolerances for 1/2" Dia. Material Cost Factor Machining Cost Factor
Steel Designed for excellent machinability. Case hard only 12L14 Endless commercial products; probably more pounds used in turned products than any other material Cold drawn 0 1 1
Stainless Steel Designed for machining, non-magnetic 303 Electronic hardware, automotive, aerospace, medical instruments, and many applications requiring corrosion resistance Cold finished +/- .002 1.9 2.7
Brass Designed for machining 2011 Electronic hardware, endless commercial products Cold finish +/-.0015 3.8 .6
Aluminum Designed for machining 2011 Electronic hardware, endless commercial products Cold finish +/-.0015 3.8 .6
Titanium High strength, light weight, good bio-compatibility Ti-6Al-4VEli Medical implants Ground & polished +/-.002 30.2 6

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