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Precision Steel Machined Parts

Precision Steel Machining

More than one million times a month Sunhy delivers a new screw machined custom component, including hundreds of thousands made in steel. Each individual component is produced with a focus on top productivity, and on maintaining a supply of components that never runs dry.

This assurance is backed by over a half-century of experience with the cutting characteristics of hundreds of different steel alloy types, each with unique processing requirements we have mastered.

Steel Machining Experts

Customers turn to Sunhy for three important advantages that maximize adherence to tight tolerances while keeping steel machining costs fully under control.

Sunhy achieves all this, plus assistance with managing delivery schedules to eliminate unexpected shortages and downtime on your production line. Explore the details with a no-obligation price quote on your next steel machining component project.

1008 Steel

1018 Steel

1045 Steel

1137 Steel

11L37 Steel

11L41 Steel

12L14 Steel

1215 Steel

4130 Steel

4140 Steel

41L40 Steel

8620 Steel

ES52100 Steel