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The retractable spring loaded guide pins have a wide range of applications. Our pins are made in two main styles: the self-contained pin and the thru pin, both of which are available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and materials that can be seen in many types of heat sealing and plastic sealing packaging equipment.
The injection molding industry also incorporates the use of Jace Pins to register and align production machinery when manufacturing items that are used in both the consumer and industrial markets.
Jace Pins are made from high quality materials. Each assembly consists of a body or housing, an internal stainless steel spring and a pin. Our manufacturing processes for each component are held to strict standards to ensure each assembly conforms to the Sunhy Quality Standard.

High Volume Precision Machining

Sunhy has never conceded the fight to produce high-volume production machining at “globally competitive costs” for precision parts made out of bar stock in the China. We are known for being an extremely progressive supplier applying and developing the best technology to reliably supply high quality at very competitive costs.

Pin Types

Brass Thru Pin

Self Contained Aluminum Pin

Most assemblies can be customized and built with different pin material types.