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We specialize in providing advanced manufacturing solutions for various customers and OEM’s looking for high volume runs of CNC screw machine products and screw machined parts. As a leading CNC Swiss products manufacturer, our custom screw machine services include manufacturing parts to a variety of capacities for a wide range of industries and industrial applications.

Screw Machined Products

Sunhy’s 65,000 square-foot facility houses a full complement of modern, state of the art production equipment, including 20 Multi-Spindle Machines, 60 Swiss CNC Lathes and inspection robotics.

Top-Tier Screw Machining Services

Sunhy’s CNC screw machining services meet or exceed the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and trained professionals. To experience this assurance firsthand or to obtain one of our quick and competitive price estimates for screw machine parts, contact a Sunhy machining professional.

Certifications and Quality

Screw Machining Equipment

*All managed under the control of an Esprit CAD/CAM system to support the most intricate geometries and tightest tolerances. (full equipment list)

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Sunhy Customer Commitment

Sunhy is committed to inspiring complete customer confidence in our ability to provide high-quality CNC screw machining services and screw machine parts. Customers trust Sunhy’s expertise as a custom CNC Swiss products manufacturer to recognize and solve productivity challenges before they become shortages, and for fine tuning a machining process to increase production speed and cut unit cost.

JIT Delivery & Logistics Management

Standing behind the technology are Sunhy’s experts in supply logistics and quality management, assuring each customer’s expectations for timely delivery and product quality are met and exceeded. Added assurance comes from a decades-long track record of delivering multi-sprindle machine parts on time, so they are ready for use the moment they are needed.