Precision CNC Micromachining

Miniature Machined Parts & Micro Precision Machining

Micromachining pushes the limits of precision and size. Using extremely precise tools, tight tolerances, and machines that specialize in this area, allows the manufacturing of intricate micro components used most notably in the medical and electronics industry. Most features of miniature machined parts are not visible to the naked eye without magnification, thus requiring the use of very high-resolution inspection equipment.
When micro precision is paramount, we turn to the Tornos Swiss Nanos for miniature parts machining. These machines are designed to meet demands for extremely small, high-precision workpieces. With 8 axes of motion, 2 independent tool systems, and a flexible machining area, it’s the ideal choice for a broad range of micro workpieces requiring quality, precision, and efficiency.
For even more complex work, requiring up to 12 axes of motion, we utilize our fleet of 45 Tornos Deco CNCs.

Miniature Machined Parts

Our micromachining expertise is critical in various industries, including

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