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Precision & Close Tolerance Machining Services

Better outcomes, to be precise

Close Tolerance,Precision Machining
Precision & close tolerance machining service means more than producing components to tight tolerances at Sunhy Manufacturing. At Sunhy, our high volume precision machining services aren’t done until they are precisely in line with customer expectations for reliable delivery, component quality and world-class cost-effectiveness.
None of these outcomes can be successfully achieved without Sunhy’s state-of-the-art equipment selection.

Precision Machining Capabilities

Precision Swiss Parts

Sunhy specializes in close tolerance machining of complex, micro and miniature machined parts. Visit our Swiss Machining page to learn more about our expertise in high volume production of precision swiss parts.

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Top-Tier Precision Machined Parts

Sunhy meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and quality standards. Each component operates under the watchful eye of the Sunhy quality management team who naturally see potential design amendments that cut costs and recognize materials issues before they hit the production floor. This tradition of pride is precisely what you’ll experience when you contact a Sunhy expert about your next precision machining job.

Certifications and Quality

JIT Delivery & Logistics Management

Standing behind the technology are Sunhy’s experts in supply logistics and quality management, assuring each customer’s expectations for timely delivery and product quality are met and exceeded. Added assurance comes from a decades-long track record of delivering multi-sprindle machine parts on time, so they are ready for use the moment they are needed.