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Swiss Screw Machining & Turning

Why Choose Swiss Screw Machining?

Swiss screw machining & machined products are a specialty of Sunhy. We promise to deliver high-quality ultra-precision machining and miniature swiss parts, plus a company-wide commitment to maintaining a completely predictable component supply at any production volume or level of precision.

This commitment to timely delivery, consistent quality and minimized cost is backed by an extensive selection of Swiss equipment on the Sunhy CNC equipment list.

Taking Swiss to a new peak

The term Swiss in machining actually has more than one meaning. To some, it is a type of machine, and to others, it represents a product of the uncommonly small size of high precision.
Originally developed for producing watch parts, CNC Swiss screw machining is designed for miniature parts and excels in producing long slender parts. CNC Swiss Turn machines have a sliding headstock with a guide bushing, providing stationary support for the workpiece while the part is machined. This design enables the machine to hold tight tolerances, produce parts that are very long in relation to their diameter, and produce very small or miniature parts.



CNC Swiss Screw Machining Product Gallery

Tornos Deco 12 Axis Swiss CNC Machine

The Tornos Deco 2000 is a state of the art 12-axis swiss CNC. With its unique ability to optimize production cycle times, we are able to produce complex components in one unmanned process. Watch as we review processing a component made from 1/2″ square brass and 12 ft. bar lengths.

High Volume Swiss Screw Machining Capabilities

Every swiss turned component, including the most intricate high-volume production run, benefits from the presence of skillful, knowledgable CNC turning industry professionals. For advanced manufacturing of miniature parts, OEM’s turn to Sunhy for our cost-effective high volume solutions.

CNC Swiss Screw Machining Equipment

View our full equipment list here

Why Choose Sunhy?

While equipment is important, the true Swiss advantage comes from a staff that knows how to make the most of Swiss equipment’s capabilities. It’s seen in our ability to work with customers to fine tune production processes and source the ideal raw materials to eliminate supply bottlenecks and maximize quality. Further strength comes from our own in-house tooling facility, uniquely equipped to support Swiss equipment with wire EDM forming tools and modern CNC controlled tool grinding.
Standing behind the technology are Sunhy’s experts in supply logistics and quality management, assuring each customer’s expectations for timely delivery and product quality are met and exceeded. Added assurance comes from a decades-long track record of delivering swiss machine parts on time, so they are ready for use the moment they are needed.

Sunhy meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and trained professionals. To experience all the precision and productivity of Sunhy Swiss machining firsthand, contact a Sunhy machining professional.